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A simple, solid foundation on which to build new applications. It's a data driven environment, with presentation at your fingertips. Keep your contacts, recipes, vehicle information, school information, collections, or any type of written material organized. Once your data is saved, presentation is up to you. Send out newsletters, create websites, or print your material as you please. Use it for personal information hosted on a server in your own home, or use it for business as an SaaS application hosted through a service.

Add groups Add contacts, from a categorized menu, to groups for use in newsletter emails or other applications.
Easily create newsletters An easy to use text area, the same as used in Wordpress, to create your records, newsletter heading and articles.
Add your own groups and categories The entire program uses the same model to organizer all of your data. Ex.: Vehicles, recipes, any sort of writing (notes, journaling, books, scripts, music lyrics, etc) , school info, hobbies, collections, posessions stored in boxes...WHATEVER! Pre-designed outlines can be imported with two clicks; it could be one click if you didn't have the option to change field titles.
Add attributes to categories Create an attribute table that can be related to one or more categories, even in different groups. Ex.: Add a medication attribute to Family contacts.
Search any of your records by name with 3 or 4 letters If you know the partial name of the title of what you're looking for, use the search box on the top of the page.
Advanced Search Search all of the attribute titles or any text for a more general search.
Add links to existing record entries as references If there is a record you want to refer to for a particular piece of information, add a link.
Relate records If you have a family member linked to doctor, you can add information specific to that relationship. A link will make it quick to find the related information.
Here's the BIG ONE! WEBSITES. Yes, create and host your websites from the same program. No limits, except your imagination. Create a distinct domain or sub-domain website with exising data by filling out a very simple form. Select a template, add the name of the site, add your records, click Save. Add one or more templates to use for individual records, add the records to the desired templates. Click Save. Two minutes later, your site witll be done. A link will be available that points to the new URL. You can now maintain all aspects of the website layout and content from your website record. EASY!! (This feature assumes you own one or more domain names. I can help with this, too.)
A messaging website template for sharing your thoughts with others. Create a messaging website for sharing with family, friends or colleagues. Safe Social Networking because you will be the only one allowing access to your encrypted and/or password protected website. Hillary Clinton has set a precedent proving that hosting your data on a shared server (the Cloud) is less secure than hosting your own server. Thank you, Ms. Clinton. The Sweet Organizer is a perfect solution to securing your life's work.

In the works: Reports, reports, reports. Contact lists, book and script formats, recipe printing, etc. Group, category and record exports to XML, Excel, csv, pdf, image, and any other popular formats. Auditing: record changes in records for review and recovery. Functions to delete and archive records Modules for managing numbers along with graphing and more reports. Adding more standard templates for sites and pages. Multi-file uploads and modules to add multiple files to records Login pages - done, but customizable for client requirements.