SO - Website Basics

Website Workflow Using The Sweet Organizer

While working with Wordpress and other CRM's, it has been a real drawback not to have easy access to insert articles into pages. Not to mention formatting the pages exactly the way you want. This short tutorial will show how simple it is to add content, format and maintain your content on a single website, or multiple sites and pages.

Throughout this short post, keep in mind that your imagination is your only limitation. If you want to learn, you have the opportunity, but getting the basics completed in a timely fassion is always a plus. We start with creating a website, which, by the way, actually creates a sub-domain on an existing domain. This means that you get the business end done before working on the fun stuff, and it only takes a couple seconds of your time.

Let's get it going.

The first thing we see is the home page of the Sweet Organizer program.

Home Page

From there, you see a menu item called Websites - click on My Sites.

Websites Menu

This will take you to a list of websites that you host with screenshots of the site.

My Sites

To create a new site, click on the bar below that says "Add A New Record". You will want to review the list of available site templates installed already from the Admin - Website Templates page in the application. We'll start with a Blank Template. Enter information for your Site Name, Domain, Sub-Domain and URL. No other information is needed to create a new site. Since every site is based on a template, the template screenshot will be used for the new record, but can easily be replaced later. Click Save.

New Website

You have now created a new website using a pre-installed template. At this point you will need to wait about two minutes until the web service has recognized your new site. In that time, you will want to go to the edit page for the site and Save your index file. After that, click on the link for your new site. That was easy. There's a bit more to learn about, but once your SO application has been installed, it is that fast.

Now, on with adding information to your new site.

In our case, there has already been some information entered into the SO. We'll use these records to insert into the new site. Go to the edit form for the website and click in the Menu Items text box. From the menu or icon bar, insert a link. There you will see a dropdown called Link List. This is where you can choose the records to add to your site. You can add them to the Menu Items or Content4 fields.

Menu Items

The Menu Items field will create a menu item using the title of the record with no drop-down. The Content4 field will add items in a drop down list using the category name your record is under.

Cool, eh?

Remember, this is the easy, default way to get started. Your imagination will play a big part on how you want to format your pages later. Now, go check out your site to see your new menu item an show the content of your record.

Now that you have a website, webpages and a record or two, do you think you'll ever need to review these instructions again?

Sorry, that's pretty much it for this getting started post. There's more coming soon!