The Process

The Sweet Organizer was designed with a simple format in mind. Groups, Categories and Attributes are the only types of information classifications.

Groups are the highest level and define the highest level of data separation. Groups consist of multiple Categories.

Categories include all records for any given Group/Category combination.

Attributes include all supporting records for any Category the Attribute is related to. A single Attribute table can be related to any Category in the system. If a generic Attribute table is created for Ratings, the Ratings Attribute table can be related to a Writing Category called SciFi Books, and also used for rating records in a Recipe Category called Deserts.

Example of integrated application design:

The Website functionality of the program is built within the above layout. Websites and Page Templates are Category records, while the Website Template Attribute table uses Page Template records to "guide" and format Stand Alone records into webpage design. Formatting of data can be done from any point in the data to website merge. Data can be formatted from the record, through a Category Page Template record, and/or at the point the data is placed on the webpage.