The Sweet Organizer is the program I use to help you. It's a combination of the person hired to do the work and how good that person is with the tools they use that makes a process successful. I wrote this program because no other tools work as well for the situations and requirements that I have encountered.

The Sweet Organizer is a system written in PHP and MySQL. Any language and any database application could have been used in creating the program, but this was my preference. It works well, is low cost, and extremely versatile. jQuery and Java work just as well with PHP as with any other programming language, and many people use it throughout the world. Smaller "plugin" apps are available to do specific tasks like converting data to pdf, exporting data to Excel or flat files, graphing, photo conversion, text editing and formatting, etc. There are no limits.

I offer my services to do any or all of the following:

1. Get all of your data organized using an easy to understand methodology

2. Automate redundant work

3. Define and consolidate standard processes like assembling newsletters and maintaining website content

4. Create custom applications, using the Sweet Organizer as a foundation, for your personal or business requirements

5. Teaching HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL using SO

6. Securing your data from hardware, through to software logins and encryption, and multiple hosting options

7. Overall, giving you the consulting needed to make informed decisions on the entire data recording to data retrieval process

If you would like to live in the future where you expect the ability to maintain all of your information from one application, control and monitor your home, interact safely and secretly with family and friends, share and un-share any data at any time without repercussion, and just be able to quickly find what you need when you need it most, then please let me apply my sensibility to make it happen.

A very important idea to understand is the fact that I designed the Sweet Organizer from scratch. No MVC, just a unique database design and matching logic using the PHP programming language. Nobody else knows this program except me, which makes hacking a much more difficult chore. When a large group of programmers are associated with an application, it is very likely that someone will create a "back door" which they can share, or even sell, to third parties for profit. At minimum, they can add tracking tools to find out how much data you store and your location at any given time you access your information. Even counting the number of emails you send a day, or month, can put you at risk when it comes to liability.

The "Sweet" in Sweet Organizer comes from the reaction you get when you use the program and it proves itself to be such a joy to use.