What is SO?

What is Suite Organizer?

It's a contact manager

It's a content manager

It's a development platform

It's a website hosting platform, including a messaging option

It's also adaptable to mobile devices, like many other web applications are

It's everything you need, without having to do much to get your data where it needs to be.

No more writing SQL statements. It's all automated. Whether you are entering contact information, recipes, vehicle information, school records, medical records, music or video collections, etc., all forms are dynamically created and processed.

For website designers, get data from functions using one of two possible variables, use print_r() to get your field list, then choose the field(s) you want to use. If necessary, add a loop to collect all the records of a given type. This is true regardless of how you are sharing or viewing your data.

Automated website menu creation for single links or dropdowns. Just select your content from a dropdown list for the type of menu item, then click Save. Formatting the buttons is up to the designer by using the text editor to edit your style.css and index.php files.

Upload templates from various free or pay-for template sites and integrate your data into the new template. It only takes a few clicks to create new websites from just about any template. You might want to create your own blank template(s), custom template for specific customers, or save templates to re-use on other projects.

Position and format your data using any combination of three options: 1) from the article record, 2) from a secodary template, or 3) from the original website template. Once your website is configured, you only need to edit your records, not the web pages or templates.

Many current functions of the Suite Organizer are not yet integrated with drag-and-drop functionality, but it's only a matter of time before it happens. This will give the average user the power to develop their own apps from top to bottom, without having to learn data programming.