Have Fun Learning HTML

What makes learning HTML fun using the Suite Organizer (formerly Sweet Organizer)? It's so easy to get started with, you'll get addicted immediately.

Of course, you need your own instance of the Suite Organizer (click here). This takes under 5 minutes and does not affect your computer at all.

     1. Go to Admin/Import and click Websites, scroll down and click Submit (one time action)

     2. From the new Websites menu item on the left, click My Sites

     3. Click the Add New Record bar

     4. Select a pre-designed Template for your new site (suggest Blank Template to start)

     5. Enter the name you want to give the site (this will show up on the browser tab, ex: My Dog)

     6. Add a sub-domain name (ex: mydog will result in the site mydog.suiteorganizer.com)

     7. Complete the full URL by adding your [sub-domain] to the URL (ex: http://mydog.suiteorganizer.com)

     8. Click Save and you're DONE!

In about two minutes, you will be able to use the new link to see your site.

Now, go back to your program and edit your website from the Edit This Record bar. Add some header text, Content 1, and click Save. Go to your My Dog site and press F5 (refresh) to see your changes.